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Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing with Anua

A one-person yoga teaching and sound healing business

Project type:

Visual identity

Website development (5+ pages)

Project duration:

2.5 days

*N.B. since completing the site, some pages have been edited, changed or added without our involvement.

Anua came to us for help, as she had created a website for her budding yoga nidra and sound healing business a year previously, but had found that it didn't look how she wanted, was costing her more than she wanted (and she wasn't sure what the costs were for) and was generally just not really working for her. She had shut her website down already, so we started again from scratch - and that suited us!

We had several in-depth exchanges with Anua to ensure we fully understood her business and what she wanted to get from her website, then put together a site structure that aimed to align and also clearly delineate the two sides of her business. This again involved some back-and-forth but we got there together! 

The visual identity we came up with for the site evokes the calm and deep relaxation that embody the practice of yoga nidra, with some lighter tones to represent sound healing.

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