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who we are

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Appleseed was built to provide high-quality digital design to small businesses and charities, for reasonable prices.

Alice is our principal designer. She combines her natural eye for what looks good with the design skills she's honed over the years, incredible attention to detail, and an impressive efficiency, to create beautiful digital products in a fraction of the time that traditional design agencies take. 

Alex specialises in customer experience and marketing. He supports our web design projects, inputting on user experience and digital marketing to ensure all the websites we design do exactly what they're supposed to.

Together, we are appleseed.

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Our mission is to deliver high quality digital design that looks great and actually works.
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We're a small family business based on the edge of the Cotswolds, where we live with our three small children and our one large dog. Working in similar fields, we've both spent our careers putting together and overseeing websites, landing pages, decks, reports and more, and have always felt there is a gap in the digital design sector that needs to be filled.


Traditional design agencies turn out very high quality work, but are out of the question for most small businesses. Doing the work yourself, working with a freelance developer or - worse - not bothering with design at all, might seem like cost-effective options but more often than not leave you with products that are inaccessible and uninteresting to your audience.

So we decided to plug the gap, and provide the middle ground ourselves: agency quality, eye-catching design, at reasonable prices.

And that's how appleseed was born.

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