Windsor Hill Wood

A Christian community retreat welcoming anyone that's finding life difficult.

Project type:

Visual identity

Editorial design

Website development (1-4 pages)

Project duration:

1.5 days

(Plus 3 days on editorial design)

Although they have existed for years, Windsor Hill Wood has never had a consolidated visual identity and brand. So when we were asked to design their 2018 annual report and accounts, the first thing we needed to do was to create a visual identity for them that they could use across all their digital and print materials. We came up with a simple identity featuring woodland colours and a homey (though not old-fashioned) feel. 

The website was desperately in need of a refresh, so after completing the 2019 annual report, Windsor Hill Wood asked for our help again. Working with the Assistant Warden, we established that the site needed to function as a window into the WHW site. The result is a patchwork effect featuring strong imagery and videos throughout that give the user an insight into the Windsor Hill Wood rhythm and atmosphere.