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Paw Inspiring

Visual identity, logo and website redesign for a long-standing pet behaviour company.

Project type:

Visual identity

Website redevelopment (5+ pages)

Indicative cost:


Though this pet behaviour business has been running for years, its old website was outdated and ineffective, and didn't have a consistent visual identity. We were hired to come up with a new visual identity and logo, and to start completely from scratch with the website.

After a call with the client to establish the brief, we started with an audit of the existing website. That gave us a feel for the company's strengths and values which, alongside input from the client, enabled us to come up with a suitable visual identity and logo.

The audit also gave us a basis for the site structure, repurposing some elements of the existing website, and changing others. After some iteration on the visual identity, we applied it to the site and it was smooth sailing from there!

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