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Palace Plant Sitter

Visual identity and logo for a plant-sitting business based in Crystal Palace

Project type:

Visual identity (logo)

Indicative cost:


The Palace Plant Sitter is a small business that gets most of its clients from social media. They asked for a logo and visual identity that clearly reflected the purpose of the business at first glance. We played with the idea of somehow incorporating Crystal Palace, or the specific plant-sitting angle into the logo, but ultimately, simplicity won out - as it always does!


This was a simple project: after an in-depth conversation with the client we came up with a few sketches and a colour palette, which the client was happy with. They chose a sketch, we brought it to life - and voila!

Appleseed is an absolute pleasure to work with; Alice really took time to understand my brand and audience, and did a great job at bringing my ideas to life in a way that looks both professional and creative. I am so happy with what Alice has created and cannot recommend her and Appleseed highly enough!

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