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Report design, copy-editing, visual design and website for a humanitarian-sector consultancy.

Project type:

Report design


Visual identity

Website development (1-4 pages)

Indicative cost:

£2,000 (website)

We have worked for HealthGen, a consultancy offering evaluation and research services to the humanitarian sector, for over a year, designing and copy-editing reports, mostly for UN and other multi-lateral agencies operating in the humanitarian sphere.


In 2023, we worked together with HealthGen to design an interactive, adaptable report for UNHCR, which aimed to crystallise very dense, text-heavy information into bite-size chunks to make it more accessible and less time-consuming to read. It was an internal document but you can see the structure of the report here.


Most recently, we designed and built a website for HealthGen, also adapting their existing logo to construct a bold and professional visual identity.The website serves to advertise their services, as well as housing their portfolio for the reference of current and potential clients.

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