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Action Against Hunger

Report design and infographics for an international NGO.

Project type:

Report design


Indicative cost:

£1,500 (visual progress report)

We have worked with Action Against Hunger for years - first as an employee and, more recently, as Appleseed.

Action Against Hunger produces a lot of reports and has always been interested in making them look as eye-catching and professional as possible, recognising that people won't read something if it doesn't look good, no matter how high quality the content inside!

We designed all their annual progress reports over a 5-year period, with the most recent taking on a new, more visual format - you can see both the traditional and new formats in the links on the left. We were also heavily involved in producing the DEPP Learning Report (linked left) including doing all the design and illustrations.


Finally, we have also worked with Action Against Hunger's MEAL Services team on reports for other organisations, such as this report for World Vision and this infographic we produced for Mercy Corps.

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